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Portraits of Muni Service
I’m on a mission to celebrate the lives of Muni Personnel. One portrait at a time. 
My intention comes from that one special bus driver back in 2007 that befriended me when I had nothing. 
Since most likely I’ll never see her again (and I’ve tried) to say Thank You for your humanity … this is my way of giving back for the kindness that was shown to me.
Mixed media on Paper

Terry’s last day driving the 6 Parnassus bus line.Terry’s last day driving the 6 Parnassus bus line.

This is Terry. He’s one of Muni’s finest Bus Drivers. This was his last day driving the 6 Parnassus. He touched my heart a few months back when he took the time to learn his passengers names. I heard him call everybody by their first name when they boarded his bus ! That takes a special person. I was truly blown away when he said - Good Morning Kurt ! How cool is this - that a bus driver knows my name!! WOW! 

I wanted to do something special for him so I spent a few hours riding his bus today and drawing his portrait.
Before I left home today I made sure I had all of my drawing supplies, paper and a frame for the finished drawing. This was my gift to him as a way of saying Thank You Terry for your kind, considerate thoughtful ways. You’ll be missed.



This is Erin. She is a MUNI Supervisor at Transit Management Control.This is Erin. She is a MUNI Supervisor at Transit Management Control.
This is Erin also known as Boss Lady!
She is a Muni Supervisor in TMC (Transit Management Control).
Her crew is the “heart beat of Muni”. When Muni busses/Operators need help they call TMC. They are the 911 for Muni. They also  help Operators stay on schedule - not getting ahead. She has worked at  Muni for 13 years. She says, “I absolutely love Muni and I love my job and I love my passengers that loved me back when I drove.” She drove buses for 5 years, Streetcars (F line) for 2 years, and LRV for 6 months before becoming a supervisor for the last 5 years. “I chose Muni because I was driving Paratransit and I decided if I was going to drive In the city I might as well drive for the best and that is MUNI !
I’m grateful to have met Erin. She embodies the essence of my new series. Positive minded. Kind. Professional. Thank you Erin for your Muni service. 

This is Mary, She is a Muni Station Agent,This is Mary, She is a Muni Station Agent,


This is Mary

MUNI Station Agent

Forest Hill Station

I was compelled to paint her portrait because of her kindness. She is always helpful, and I love her smile. She will be retiring this June after working 27 years for MUNI, and a few years at Golden Gate Transit. I will miss her. She’s a neat lady. I appreciate all Station Agents as I pass through the gate to get to and from my train.





This is Sincere. She operates the J and M trains, and she’s always upbeatThis is Sincere. She operates the J and M trains, and she’s always upbeat


This Muni Operator’s name is Sincere. She operates the J & M lines. I saw her posts @iamsinfulbliss on IG and they were/are positive, upbeat and oh so happy! Her joyful spirit touched my soul and I was moved to draw her portrait. 

So I met up with her on the M Train last week at Castro and road with her. Took a few photos and enjoyed the train ride. From those photos I drew her portrait. 






This is Joe. He drives the 22 Fillmore bus with a great attitude,This is Joe. He drives the 22 Fillmore bus with a great attitude,

Today I woke up sad. I’m missing my mom a lot, especially on Valentine’s. She always made it so special. She would send me and my siblings a special card, sometimes with a little gift but always a sweet note with a happy face. Since I was feeling down - I got dressed up! Packed my bag with drawing paper, pencil and a frame - with the intention of drawing a Bus Driver’s portrait. I like riding buses when I’m feeling down. It’s a great way to get out of my head, be around people, enjoy the scenery and feel the vibrations. Self care.
I boarded the 22 Fillmore today and met Joe, Bus Driver. What a nice guy. We chatted and I asked if he’d mind if I drew his portrait - he obliged. We talked, laughed and truly enjoyed each others company. I rode with him for about an hour, and then handed him his portrait as a way of saying Thank You for your service to the community and just being a nice guy. He made my Valentine’s special.


This is Nikol during the ! California,This is Nikol during the ! California,

This is Nikol. Muni Operator for the 1 California. I like her smile. She has a dynamic personality, friendly, helpful, and is conscientious to her passengers needs. Especially when the bus is climbing and descending really STEEP hills. She says - Please Hold On TiGHT !! - for good reason !!!
I asked her how long she’s been driving for Muni ?
She said, ONE WEEK !! She’s a true professional, a  neat lady and definitely a people person.
Thank you Nikol.

This is Robert driving the 6 Parnassus.This is Robert driving the 6 Parnassus.This Muni Operator’s name is Robert. He was driving the 6 Parnassus this afternoon. He drives great! He mentioned he’s been driving for Muni 1 year. I hope he continues to drive for at least 49 more yrs !! He’s friendly, patient, professional and just a neat guy. 

Thank You Robert it was a pleasure meeting you today. July 30th 2023

I boarded his bus at the Embarcadero and rode with him to the end of the line at Quintara & 14th Ave. I had about 50 minutes to draw his portrait, write an inscription and put finished drawing in a brand new frame for him.
This series is all about Giving Thanks and giving back the kindness that was shown to me, by that special bus driver back in 2007. One portrait at a time.
Forever grateful.

This is Rafael aka Rico Suave driving the 22 Fillmore,This is Rafael aka Rico Suave driving the 22 Fillmore,

This Muni Operator is known as Rico Suave ! 22 Fillmore 

He’s smooth considerate kind funny real and a true professional and friend. He did me a solid years ago by attending my shows in uniform , with total support and such sincerity. (I’m so honored and grateful.)

Today I happened to board his bus and it felt like a serendipitous encounter !!! I had drawn his portrait before in 2015. I asked if it’d be ok to draw him again as we talked, laughed and enjoyed reminiscing - he said “Sure Kurt !! He’s so cool.
I’m forever grateful to you Rico. You’re a man of your word and excellent communication skills.
It was fun laughing and learning more about you today. What a journey… perseverance kindness and humility you’re it. 

Grateful to know you, Rico.

This is Marco, He drives the 22 Fillmore,This is Marco, He drives the 22 Fillmore,

Today I had the opportunity to draw Marco, Muni Operator, 22 Fillmore. He is one of the friendliest compassionate happiest drivers I’ve ever met. 

He greets you when you board his bus. He’ll ask you if you’d like to find a seat before he leaves the curb or if you prefer to stand that’s cool too. When passengers leave his bus he says, (on the intercom) Thank you have a nice day ! … and he means it every time l!! Marco is genuinely consistent at being kind, considerate and always smiling.
I drew his portrait from sitting near the rear door. The bus was crowded so that was an extra challenge. I could see his reflection in the big rearview mirror - just above the farebox. So I drew that first. He was wearing a knit cap which framed his face nicely. I tried my best to draw his warm smile, then his beard, nose and cool sunglasses. I built the composition around him.
Added his hand placed securely on the steering wheel. The shade that helps keep the sun out of their eyes. The side front doors, big windshield,
“Stop Request “ lettering, Time of day “12:47 PM” (adding little details is important) !

I drew with a pen first then added soft pastel last.

Thank You Marco. It’s always great to see you. We leave your bus smiling, too!

This is James. He drives the 45 union.This is James. He drives the 45 union.

This afternoon I met James, Muni Operator, 45 Union - He was wearing a knit cap, a mask (he took down his mask for the photo) and sunglasses. He’s been driving 34 yrs ! He’s a professional, kind and easy-going.
He was patient with me as I was struggling to take the tape off my drawing, and the cellophane around the new frame, place drawing in frame, tape business card to the back and finally handed it to him! (That took more than a minute and he was gracious and smiled) He looked my drawing … and said, Thank You Man, you made my day!! I replied, you made mine.

I had signed it, Thank you Sir first but then I asked his name so I added James after - it looks like I wrote Sir James. He approved.

Thank you for your service, James

This is James. He drives the 1 California,This is James. He drives the 1 California,

A BiG shout out to James! He was driving the 1 California today. He was friendly, considerate and kind. Been driving for Muni 2 weeks ! Today a passenger was being rude to him … James handled it as a true professional … calm direct and respectful. That composure takes a special person.


This is Yolonda, She drives the 22 Fillmore.This is Yolonda, She drives the 22 Fillmore.Today, Tuesday August 8, 2023 - I boarded the 22 Fillmore late morning . I met this nice lady Bus Driver. She was upbeat gracious professional, and had beautiful braids. I didn’t get her name until I handed her my framed drawing. She said - “wow !! this is incredible!! You drew this while I was driving the bus? !! That’s amazing.! Thank you sir “ 

I wanted to personalize the inscription since I hadn’t gotten her name so I wrote thank you, lady Bus Driver you are appreciated. She’s been a Muni operator for 11 years. 
Thank you Yolanda !