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Portraits of Muni Service
I’m on a mission to celebrate the lives of Muni Personnel. One portrait at a time. 
My intention comes from that one special bus driver back in 2007 that befriended me when I had nothing. 
Since most likely I’ll never see her again (and I’ve tried) to say Thank You for your humanity … this is my way of giving back for the kindness that was shown to me.
Mixed media on Paper

Terry’s last day driving the 6 Parnassus bus line.Terry’s last day driving the 6 Parnassus bus line.

This is Terry. He’s one of Muni’s finest Bus Drivers. This was his last day driving the 6 Parnassus. He touched my heart a few months back when he took the time to learn his passengers names. I heard him call everybody by their first name when they boarded his bus ! That takes a special person. I was truly blown away when he said - Good Morning Kurt ! How cool is this - that a bus driver knows my name!! WOW! 

I wanted to do something special for him so I spent a few hours riding his bus today and drawing his portrait.
Before I left home today I made sure I had all of my drawing supplies, paper and a frame for the finished drawing. This was my gift to him as a way of saying Thank You Terry for your kind, considerate thoughtful ways. You’ll be missed.



This is Erin. She is a MUNI Supervisor at Transit Management Control.This is Erin. She is a MUNI Supervisor at Transit Management Control.
This is Erin also known as Boss Lady!
She is a Muni Supervisor in TMC (Transit Management Control).
Her crew is the “heart beat of Muni”. When Muni busses/Operators need help they call TMC. They are the 911 for Muni. They also  help Operators stay on schedule - not getting ahead. She has worked at  Muni for 13 years. She says, “I absolutely love Muni and I love my job and I love my passengers that loved me back when I drove.” She drove buses for 5 years, Streetcars (F line) for 2 years, and LRV for 6 months before becoming a supervisor for the last 5 years. “I chose Muni because I was driving Paratransit and I decided if I was going to drive In the city I might as well drive for the best and that is MUNI !
I’m grateful to have met Erin. She embodies the essence of my new series. Positive minded. Kind. ´┐╝Professional. Thank you Erin for your Muni service. 

This is Mary, She is a Muni Station Agent,This is Mary, She is a Muni Station Agent,


This is Mary

MUNI Station Agent

Forest Hill Station

I was compelled to paint her portrait because of her kindness. She is always helpful, and I love her smile. She will be retiring this June after working 27 years for MUNI, and a few years at Golden Gate Transit. I will miss her. She’s a neat lady. I appreciate all Station Agents as I pass through the gate to get to and from my train.





This is Sincere. She operates the J and M trains, and she’s always upbeatThis is Sincere. She operates the J and M trains, and she’s always upbeat


This Muni Operator’s name is Sincere. She operates the J & M lines. I saw her posts @iamsinfulbliss on IG and they were/are positive, upbeat and oh so happy! Her joyful spirit touched my soul and I was moved to draw her portrait. 

So I met up with her on the M Train last week at Castro and road with her. Took a few photos and enjoyed the train ride. From those photos I drew her portrait. 






This is Joe. He drives the 22 Fillmore bus with a great attitude,This is Joe. He drives the 22 Fillmore bus with a great attitude,

Today I woke up sad. I’m missing my mom a lot, especially on Valentine’s. She always made it so special. She would send me and my siblings a special card, sometimes with a little gift but always a sweet note with a happy face. Since I was feeling down - I got dressed up! Packed my bag with drawing paper, pencil and a frame - with the intention of drawing a Bus Driver’s portrait. I like riding buses when I’m feeling down. It’s a great way to get out of my head, be around people, enjoy the scenery and feel the vibrations. Self care.
I boarded the 22 Fillmore today and met Joe, Bus Driver. What a nice guy. We chatted and I asked if he’d mind if I drew his portrait - he obliged. We talked, laughed and truly enjoyed each others company. I rode with him for about an hour, and then handed him his portrait as a way of saying Thank You for your service to the community and just being a nice guy. He made my Valentine’s special.